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Income Tax Preparation

Short Form/Standard : $120

Long Form/Itemized: $220-$320 

depending on time & complexity

1099-NEC/Sch C:  $250 up to 3 forms ($10 each additional 1099)

Rental Income: $300+$50 

  each additional property

Business/Sch C/ Sole Proprietorship:  $400-$600 depending on time & complexity

Business- LLC- $1,000-$2,000 depending on time & complexity

Business- Corporation: $1,000-$2,000  depending on time & complexity 

Each additional State: $50

ITIN (No IRS appearance but applicant personal appearance before us required)

ITIN Application    $300 + $100 tax preparation

ITIN Renewal         $200 + $100 tax preparation

FREE e-filing. Includes Federal and 1 State tax return. Payment must be received prior to E-filing.

Audit Assistance

AUDIT ASSISTANCE such as reviewing and

responding to an IRS CP-2000 "Notice of

Propose Assessment" or other tax agency matters (BOE, FTB, EDD or other) that require written replies or telephone resolution. -  $50-$250 

 Free if mistake from us


Preparation and gathering of documents to prove against  IRS/State tax audit:

 $100/hour per staff assisting

AUDIT REPRESENTATION:  $2,000  minimum retainer fee


Amendment (originally done by us): Cost of original return + $50 for letter, if any

Amendment from another preparer: Same as regular returns + $100

Amendment for LLC's/Corporations: $200-$300



(Tax, Retirement, Financial, Legal Documents or Business matters)

First 1 hour (Office, Phone or Email):FREE. 

Thereafter, $250 per hour in 30  increment. ($125/30 minutes)

Business start-up consulting (extensive document preparation to be submitted to various Federal and State agencies as part of the permit process):  $500 minimum                   retainer fee

NOTE: Information provided to us during Tax Return Preparation is Confidential but subject to subpoena, whereas Tax Planning and Business Consultations are “Privileged Communications” not subject to subpoena.

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